CORETUNED are equipped with a 2WD Premium Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer, with twin retarders that can accurately measure 2000RWHP.


This is the highest rated 2WD dyno in the Newcastle region.


The dyno is fitted out with all the data inputs needed to reliably and accurately tune your engine in a safe and monitored environment.


We can tune vehicles from your stock daily to your weekend monster.

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Contact us

1/93 Glenwood drive Thornton

NSW 2322

0437 044 726


Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm

Our services

  • Dyno tuning

  • Performance upgrades 

  • Performance exhaust systems

  • Engine Building

  • Diagnosis specialists

  • Aftermarket ECU installations

  • Transmisions calibration

  • Vehicle servicing and repairs