Launch Injector Bench

Is your vehicle not performing as it should?

Using more fuel than normal?

Engine running rough?

Check engine light on? 

SRS light on?

ABS Light on?

Engine wont start?

With over 15 years of diagnostic experience and SNAP ON Diagnostics equipment , we will find the cause of the fault, quote the required repairs and have you back on the road in the shortest time possible.

The benefit of having a chassis dynomometer is our extra ability to replicate road driving events to safely diagnose and repair vehicle faults quickly and accurately. 

Our fully fitted out service department can service your vehicle, provide a full vehicle report and keep you car in optimal condition.

We also have a full fuel injector service.

Equipped with an injector flow bench and ultrasonic cleaner we can have your injectors cleaned and tested and restore them to their optimal condition.


We only use quality parts for your vehicle's servicing needs.

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Our services

  • Dyno tuning

  • Performance upgrades 

  • Performance exhaust systems

  • Engine Building

  • Diagnosis specialists

  • Aftermarket ECU installations

  • Transmisions calibration

  • Vehicle servicing and repairs